Every team works differently, so understanding how to match your preferred way of working with the right device can seem like a complicated task at times. Here are a few key questions to ask to help define the technology mix that best compliments activity in your business to improve day to day productivity: 


How does your team like to work?

Is your team out and about, or largely deskbound on most days? Do they often work from home? Are they dealing with large files on a day to day basis? Thinking through these questions will help to ensure your technology supports and optimise your team’s preferred way of working.


What does your team say about their current workstations?

What are your team’s day to day grumble with the workstations they currently use? Understanding their current daily challenges with any current devices used will help to hone in on key areas of requirement in any new technology


What will the devices be used for specifically? Will any specialist software be required?

Understanding what each machine will be used for specifically will enable you to ensure the correct specification and features required to perform well for purpose.


How many workstations will you have in total and how will you manage these?

Depending on the number of workstations that you have, the support needed will vary accordingly. How will you ensure all devices are monitored and maintained? Solutions are available to assist with automated maintenance and management of individual devices.


How will you make sure these devices are secure?

Each individual device is a portal into your company’s data. How are you going to ensure they are as secure as possible and that data is fully protected? Mobile Device Management (MDM) and device encryption are two strategies worth bearing in mind for any portable devices.

If you’re looking to refresh your company’s workstations and would like consultation in how to pinpoint the right solution for enhancing your preferred way of working, then the Sweethaven team are here to help.

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