A fully Managed IT Support Service Provider (MSP) is the optimal choice for those companies looking to absolve themselves of the burden of IT to better focus on their principle business goals. Equipped with wide-ranging industry knowledge and awareness, an MSP will prove to be of particular value for businesses that feel they are lacking the in-house expertise to really drive forward and tailor their IT systems in alignment with company direction and financial budget.

A lack of attention to your company’s IT systems can trigger a wide range of critical problems for your business; increased downtime, rising additional costs, and data loss and theft are but a few examples. The significant disruption to your business caused by non-functioning IT systems can dramatically increase costs and decrease workforce productivity or even, in the worst case scenario, lead to closure of business.

A bespoke fully managed IT service will help prevention of the above through provision of the following:

  • A bespoke selection of tailored IT services encompassed within one single monthly payment
  • A dedicated expert team to proactively support, monitor and maintain your IT systems
  • Implementation and support of solutions to minimise business vulnerabilities
  • Provision of the best possible IT equipment within the context of your project plan and budget
  • Financial flexibility for affordable yet optimal IT systems

A fully managed services package will ensure the very best technologies for your company’s requirements are selected to ultimately form a custom-made solution that matches your company’s specific needs. Furthermore, the ongoing proactive monitoring, support and consultation will ensure smooth and hassle-free operations from the point of implementation.

Sweethaven’s Managed Services packages and Total Desktop Care can include the following:

  • IT network support & proactive monitoring 
  • Server and network hardware provision
  • Network switches and routing
  • Broadband provision
  • Data backup for business continuity
  • Security (hardware & software)
  • Fully Managed Anti-virus
  • Client devices & work stations
  • Asset management & compliancy
  • Cloud solutions
  • Ongoing IT consultancy & project planning
  • Patch management 
  • Remote connection for remote support on each device 
  • Up to date asset inventory 

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