IT support case study

The Client:

Borahurst Ltd., established in Reigate since 1977, specialises in all aspects of Mechanical Services contracting. They offer a complete bespoke package, including design, supply, installation and commissioning for end users, consultants, architects and main contractors.

The Background:

A support customer of Sweethaven Business Services since August 2012, Borahurst Ltd. initially approached Sweethaven as they were seeking a trusted, local IT company that could both advise on and provide kit refreshes.

Furthermore, Borahurst were seeking an on-going IT support provider who would proactively suggest system improvements as and when needs arose.

The Solution:

In light of Borahurst’s aged and out of warranty IT equipment, the first step taken was to introduce a new Fujitsu server with back-up and disaster recovery solutions. Sweethaven looked to actively increase resilience of client data on workstations as well as perform granular restoration of data from the server.

As ageing kit was starting to cause a number of issues, 9 new all-in-one workstations were introduced to provide a neat desktop solution and to enhance user experience.

For enhanced wireless security, Borahurst’s old, dysfunctional access points were upgraded with a solution that incorporated security services and business grade protection. Working with Borahurst in the ever-evolving IT landscape, their network security required a re-think in alignment with the requirement to better facilitate wireless coverage in the building. Sweethaven recommended a SonicWALL UTM device so as to provide both a next generation firewall and a secure, managed wireless controller.

The next Gen firewall offers gateway deep packet inspection and allows granular control of what comes in and out of the network. Risk of sansom-ware type attacks is mitigated through application control allowed to ensure employee productivity remains optimum.

Sweethaven also implemented a Managed Print Service, to better facilitate effective management of pricing strategy around Borahurst’s printing output.

The Result:

Borahurst now has all of their IT needs catered for and managed via one provider. This enables them to easily ensure both their systems and IT budgets are working at optimal efficiency, in turn allowing them better focus on primary business objectives. Through building a trusted partnership with Sweethaven, Borahurst can rest assured that their IT systems are proactively monitored and upgraded in alignment with their specific business requirements.

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