Business Continuity represents the ability of a business to continue delivery at pre-determined levels following a disruptive occurrence. This disruption could be caused by an unforeseen incident, a natural disaster or a cyber-attack, for example.
There is a host of technology products and services designed to not only ensure your business is as resilient as possible but to also make sure that you have a plan of action for getting everything back up and running should the worst occur.

Business continuity can essentially be divided into 3 key IT focus areas:

  • Cybersecurity: Enhanced measures to protect your business from ever-increasing cyber-attacks
  • Backup: Ensuring there is an up to date copy of your data on another device or in another location
  • Disaster Recovery (DR): A plan of action and a technical solution that ensures business critical components of your company’s systems and data are back up and running as soon as possible following an incident or cyber-attack

Lack of thought surrounding the above 3 areas can prove extremely costly and even fatal for some businesses. How much downtime could your business really afford? What would happen, for example, if your office building burnt down tomorrow? Approximately 40% of businesses are forced to close down following critical data loss. Unfortunately, the statistics for cyber-attacks aren’t any prettier either, with studies citing costs of more than £34bn a year to UK businesses due to security breaches.

A comprehensive business continuity plan will therefore encompass:

  • A focus on your IT infrastructure security alongside cybersecurity awareness and training programmes
  • Business critical system protection that also ensures business critical data is well protected and backed up
  • A tried and tested disaster recovery solution that takes into account how quickly you would need to get the core elements up and running for your business to continue functioning Implementation of the above will thus build a contingency plan that provides you with peace of mind that your business can survive should the worst occur.

Sweethaven Business Services offers the following solutions to better enable optimal business continuity:

Cyber Security & Network Protection:

  • Internal Security Audit & Consultancy
  • Business Critical System Protection
  • Business Grade Firewalls
  • Phishing Email Testing & Training
  • Pen Testing
  • Mobile Device Management

Tailored back up and disaster recovery solutions that include:

  • Usage intelligence and data classification that better prioritises what data you need on hand after a disaster and who needs access to it
  • Continuous data protection and replication with an optimal RPO to mitigate loss of productivity
  • Complete image back up and business critical data back up
  • A 3-2-1 Solution: A back-up rotation system that ensures you have three copies of data, with two different kinds of media, and one off-site
  • Data encryption for removable media to minimise vulnerability of back-up data taken offsite
  • Recoverability testing of every back up and every replica

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service is an increasingly popular option for achieving the above in such a way that reduces your capital costs and complement your pre-existing IT infrastructure. Sweethaven’s data centre enables a fully managed service within a secure ISO compliant data centre to help ensure your business also meets compliance requirements.

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