How Best to Protect Your Company Against Ransomware

8 best practices to prevent your data from being held hostage

Ransomware: The term used to describe malware that denies access to data or systems unless a ransom is paid to a cybercriminal. And whilst 74% of SMEs believe themselves too small to be subject to such a crime, every organisation is susceptible to such attacks.

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to minimise your organization’s risk. Here are eight best practices we recommend to protect your organization against ransomware attacks:

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Real 24/7 IT Support: Are You Receiving the Right Service?

Almost every managed IT service provider will state 24/7 support. Despite this seemingly black and white terminology, not all 24/7 support is equal.

Asking the following questions will help you to understand exactly what version of “24/7 support” your contract includes!

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Network Support

Are You Sure Your IT is a Sure Thing?

We all depend on IT. Given the stakes, it’s important our confidence is well placed. Are you sure the technology you rely upon is adequately protected? Experience dictates that nine out of ten companies have undetected vulnerabilities that could lead to data disaster.

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mobile device security

Top 4 Tech Tips for Boosting Mobile Security

Top 4 Tech Tips for Boosting Mobile Security

Mobile devices are particularly vulnerable with emerging ransomware threats. See below 4 Top Tech tips for enhancing mobile device management within your workplace...

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Business continuity

5 Top Tips for Achieving Business Continuity

For most businesses, data is everything. This is reflected in the stats: 40% of businesses are forced to close down following critical data loss. For those that do manage to get back up and running, a further 25% are then shown to fail within the following year.

To help prevent your business from forming part of these percentages, it is of crucial importance to continually assess the best business continuity solution for your business. You may want to consider the following 5 questions when doing so:

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