Your disaster recovery (DR) strategy is about having a plan of action and, importantly, a technical solution in place that will mean that the essentials components of your company systems are back up and running and your business critical data is available as soon as possible following an incident or cyber-attack.

Your systems are essential for your business to operate effectively yet these can be difficult to maintain and protect with growing volumes of information, despite the ever increasing importance for comprehensive DR planning in light of heightened cyber-attacks

(more information of the impact of this can be found here).

To make the disaster recovery planning process easier and reduce time and resource required, we’ve collated the top 4 areas to focus on in when looking at your DR plans:
1. Your Top-Line Strategy. Spare 10 minutes to plot out most probable disaster recovery scenarios, your most important company systems and prioritise your business critical data. This will also in turn allow you to prioritise any required investment accordingly.
2. Heighten availability, improve responsiveness to new business requirements and reduce operational costs through full assessment of virtualised systems
3. Key Question: Have you considered the use of remote facilities and hosted services?
4. Make the most of virtualisation. This will give you the potential to use of modern disaster recovery technologies for optimal backup and continuity solutions

Once these above 4 areas have been evaluated, your next step is to look towards planned implementation. More information on building effective back up and disaster recovery plans can be found here.

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