For most businesses, data is everything. This is reflected in the stats: 40% of businesses are forced to close down following critical data loss. For those that do manage to get back up and running, a further 25% are then shown to fail within the following year.

To help prevent your business from forming part of these percentages, it is of crucial importance to continually assess the best business continuity solution for your business. You may want to consider the following 5 questions when doing so:

1. What is your recovery point objective (RPO)? Could your business afford to wait 24 hours to get back up and running again?

2. Storage media: what is your preferred approach? Bear in mind the cost of waiting to restore data later on down the line…

3. How are you guaranteeing high availability? What hardware is in place for automatic failover and redundancy?

4. Is your sensitive data properly encrypted?

5. Are you testing your disaster recovery plan?

To ensure your storage and disaster recovery solutions meet the needs of your business, make sure your IT services provider is working with you on the following:

  • Usage intelligence and data classification that better prioritises what data you need on hand after a disaster and who needs access to it
  • Continuous data protection and replication with an optimal RPO to mitigate loss of productivity
  • A 3-2-1 Solution: Ensure you have three copies of data, with two different kinds of media, and one off-site
  • Continual recovery tests

For further details on what your IT provider should be helping to support you on, download our free guide to managed services here.

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