Determining what level of IT support your company requires and how much you should be spending on optimising your IT systems can prove a difficult task. Understanding the right IT equipment and infrastructure for your business and what that means in terms of necessity for proactive/reactive IT support is important for making sure your employees are working as productively as possible and for really making the most out of your IT spend.


The following key areas of focus are worth considering when evaluating your IT strategy and next steps:

What is the current size of your company and what are your growth plans?

This is a key question when deciding what level of IT support you need. Your company plans and ambitions will not only shape your specific IT purchasing strategy, they will also determine the level of service you will need to proactively monitor your IT systems and ensure someone is on hand in times of need to best support employee productivity.

What guaranteed response times do you require?

If something does go wrong, how quickly do you need your staff back up and running? How much would associated downtime cost your business? Deciding the importance of uptime to your business is key when deciding your IT support requirements.

Where are your employees?

Do you have employees working from home or abroad? If the answer is yes, who should they call when an IT issue arises? Planned IT support is crucial for making sure all staff productivity levels are maximised and for ensuring those working remotely don’t feel isolated or at a loss when encountering problems.

Evaluation of CAPEX vs OPEX spend

Have you got the balance right between CAPEX and OPEX spend and does this financial model currently work for your company? This is a central area of assessment to better avoid gradual rising costs and ageing IT kit. Are you currently confident that you’re maximising ROI on any on-going IT spend?

What does your workforce currently say about your IT systems?

This is often something that so many business owners forget to ask! How happy are your people with the current IT systems? Can they work happily or do they often find themselves frustrated and distracted by IT issues?

For further details on how to define what IT support should look like for your business, download our free guide to managed services here.

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