Traditional line of thought would have you believe that managed IT services are only relevant for those companies too small to warrant an IT department. With a reliable IT manager in place, why would there be a need for additional support and expenditure?

However as managed IT services best practices continue to evolve, cloud technologies continue to grow, and company’s IT requirements continue to expand, recent feedback has shown that a Managed Service Provider (MSP) model often thrives when implemented in partnership with a company’s in house IT Manager.

It is a well-known fact that IT Managers are overrun with a perennial daily list of break/fix tasks that need be resolved “asap” to keep employees happy and productive. The continual pressure to fix each individual IT problem as it arises can mean it is sometimes tricky to find the time to focus on creating the bigger picture vision for the company’s IT infrastructure development and then carry this through to implementation.

How can MSPs help?

A true MSP looks to not only share the burden of this daily task list, it also looks to effectively provide a dedicated team of highly qualified, skilled consultants that can use their breadth of pan-industry knowledge to compliment the IT Manager’s skills and in-depth understanding of their company’s specific IT systems.
By looking after the routine server and PC management such as monitoring and remediation, patch management and security checks, the MSP can enable the IT Manager to focus on bringing increased value and ROI to the business through successful implementation of larger scale initiatives.

Furthermore, the MSP team is on hand for brainstorming optimal solutions and helping to secure the best possible kit in the market space. And if there are any internal teething problems when getting the new projects off the ground? Then the MSP team is there in the background for trouble-shooting collaboration.

The result is a collaboration that enables a better balance between day to day running of company IT and achievement of larger scale project implementation with optimal ROI, at a minimum risk level.

To find out how to ensure that you choose the right MSP for your business why not download our free guide by clicking here?

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